Reiki and Cancers

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Cancer will seriously affect 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women. It is considered an 'epidemic' right now!
There is alot of research going on about Reiki and Cancer. I will post more as I get it.

The work of healing Cancer with Reiki is to use the Power symbol energy with full focus and intention for at least 45 minutes at a time. Methods such as Ki breath and the use of eye Ki can support this way. Techniques such as Reiji can be used to ask where the healing should be sent, and also using deep visualisation to find the exact cause of the tumours, will help be more precise. Some people sense a tumour breaking when this method is applied, and have even heard a 'cracking' sound.
Make no mistake about cancer. It is a very low vibration condition and will not be healed by the high vibrations of unconditional love, the God force or solely by emotional work. Any other forms can be used to support the process and indeed should be used because the receiver is almost certainly suffering from various mental and emotional conditions. They will have many fears about the past present and future, and will probably have been told that they are going to die by doctors.
Reiki will help massively with the fears and anxiety, and Reiki can arrest the tumours, but if the person continues with their same diet and toxic products they will probably relapse. Reiki can be used to access the deeper causes (ie progammed 'death wish') and can help deal with traumas and injury.
I lost my father to cancer years ago. He refused my help. He was chronically dehydrated and toxified. He was fed on totally inappropriate foods and died of the treatments he received. His body was ravaged by the radio therapy and he gave up all hope after his treatment. He was poorly diagnosed and was failed by many healthcare 'professionals', who simply do not know what they are doing and are obeying a kind of dogma of treatments often devised by corporations for profit.
I gave my ill father a Reiki attunement and therapy, but I did not know fully what to do. I was in illusion about Reiki's ability to cure. I did not understand about the low vibration (300-400 mhz) which requires solely the use of the Reiki energy which applies to the Physical aspect, and how to use it. I did not know the full nutritional information then.
Since his death I have met many people and groups who know what to do. I have seen lots of information about clinical trials and many testimonials. I have met people who have become cancer-free.

Cancer occurs as a result of a simplification of human cells. It is a reaction to various factors. The most important factors are nutrition and toxicity. After them injury and infection are also causes.
Therefore, anyone with cancer MUST address the nutritional issue first! There are plenty of sources for nutritional advice. Paula Horan was famous for healing her cancers (of both ovaries and breasts) with raw food and self-healing. She did not use chemo or radio therapies.

Look at,,,,, and look at this posting:
Also look at this site and the research by leading cancer groups into Reishi mushrooms:

Join Neways and buy Revenol ( a combination of the most powerful anti-oxidants known) and Maximol (maximum absorbed ionic minerals and vitamins), and change the diet away from meats and cooked foods to raw foods, fresh juices, and all kinds of sprouted foods rich in B17.
Stop using toxic bathroom chemicals, which are clearly listed by Dr Samuel Epstein and Phillip Day and are specifically excluded from the entire Neways product range.
I am a member of Neways and will not benefit at all from anyone who is not part of my business, so I cannot be accused of marketing. I am absolutely certain that this company has alot to offer the world because it is working so hard to raise the awareness of cancer causing chemicals. They support cancer prvention charities and events and help with websites for information, conferences, etc. There are plenty of testimonials from healthy people who have survived cancer because they acted.
It is well known that the nutritional status of the body affects its ability to utilise medicines, so it is vital to get all the basic building blocks of the body at their optimum levels. These include vitamins, minerals and trace minerals, amino acids, enzymes, glyconutrients, and healthy bacteria. When these nutrients are present and abundant the body can repair damage and reverse problems when given the right stimulus.
Stem cells may be stimulated by the right energies but also need optimum nutrient levels to do their work.
The body must be detoxified of metals, chemicals, radiation etc in order to repair itself. The lists of seriously harmful and often carcinogenic chemicals can be found through the various websites above. Exclude them all and never use them again. Tell your friends and family and then make a healthy business by helping people. You will save lives and restore health every time.

And get the body saturated with B17. It works and it comes in all kinds of common foods. Prevent cancer by eating those foods and eat up cancers by getting enough into the system. People who eat lots of B17 containing foods in various parts of the world do not get cancer. This has been known about for over 50 years. Many people have cured cancers and lived long healthy lives afterwards. The various medical associations do not like it and have attacked and hounded the people who recommend B17. All the facts and evidence speak for themselves.

And if you have more need for information contact me direct. I will do my best to point out further directions.
Be happy and healthy!

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    Mon, November 6, 2006 - 10:53 AM
    It sounds more like you are in illusion about the role of reiki. The healer is the Receiver - that is a principle of reiki. You do not cure others of their illnesses, but commit to being a conduit for universal energy that others may access to heal if they choose and when it is in their best interest. The thing you have to remember is that you don't KNOW why anyone else has an ailment and you don't KNOW why anyone else is on this planet. It may be to experience cancer or to experience death by a gunshot or to experience recovering from 'fatal' illness. You can KNOW why you are here but you cannot take another's experience and make it yours or vice versa. Each of us is responsible for our own healing, thoughts, actions no matter why we are here. Low energy and high energy are the same. (A Course in Miracles - "There is no degree of difference in miracles")
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      Mon, November 6, 2006 - 1:02 PM
      I am sorry but there are plenty of people who will disagree with you. Perhaps you think they are all "in illusion".

      I am not comfortable with you telling me what I "KNOW" and do not "KNOW".

      Mikao Usui stated specifically that we should "seek a cure until the point of death" and that Reiki will help a person go to their death in a calm and painless state if they cannot be cured. This comes from the teachers from Japan who do know much better what Usui said and what his original classes, attunements and teachings consisted of.
      Reiji is one technique of many and one which takes the healer into a deep state to 'tune in' to the person and their condition, and then allow the hands to be guided to the required position.
      Another specific teaching of the original schools is to use Ki breath and Ki transmitted from the eyes. More techniques involved patting, stroking and rubbing areas of the body. The original manual of Usui had over 70 hand positions for many listed combinations to heal specific conditions. Always there was the intention to seek a cure.

      Perhaps you were taught by the Alliance teachers who know very little about the origins of Reiki and have had no contact with Japan, so sadly teach a diluted fraction of the richness that is Reiki. I suggest that you study with a teacher from Japanese connections and a pure Japanese Reiki lineage to find out about some of the fullness of Reiki, according to your level of study. And read more because lots of newer books are correcting the nonsense and lies of the past.

      As for this idea that "Each of us is responsible for our own healing, thoughts, actions no matter why we are here", this suggests that we don't need healers at all and that the path of the Bodhisattva is also an "illusion". You will do well to study the Buddhist roots of Reiki and learn about what the path of sacrificing one's own enlightenment to help others is really about.

      Then this comment about "Low energy and high energy are the same." seems to suggest that you have no knowledge of frequency in Reiki. There are people involved with Reiki and other healing that have found very different frequencies in sounds, colours, symbols, and illnesses.
      I have had the honour to meet a physicist involved in research of healing, who found that the Hui Yin allows a potential telepathic connection to the healee due to the frequency attained. This means that questions can be asked at an unconscious level to ascertain why a person does not want to be healed and is blocking the healing work being done.
      In many cases people block their own healing because of a disconnection caused by entity possession, damage to chakras and aura from drugs and other problems, cellular denial caused in a previous incarnation, genetic progamming by beings many millenia ago, and much much more. If you do not KNOW about these things then you will do well to learn them before you teach anyone or do any more healing, because not to KNOW about such things will mean letting down the people that you work with! If you do not KNOW about psychic surgery you are not ready to teach the fourth level

      Reiki is a path to enlightenment, and, at the levels above the third, the focus was on exactly that. It was Dr Hayashi who adapted Reiki for Westerners, with their often simplistic view of reality.
      Many people who are involved with Ayahuasca and other psychoactives, are seeing the parallel realities and entities which materialists believe do not exist. Sadly for so many of humanity the shallow level of understanding taught in schools does not allow for the 98% of reality that is unseen. This is largely because the human pineal gland has shrunk to the size of a pea through lack of use, and the chemical production in the retinic cells of the originally golf-ball sized pineal is a tiny fraction of what is needed for conscious interaction with the majority of reality.

      Reiki is very related to Chi Gung and the 'internal' martial arts. The understanding of the 3 Tan Tiens is about the development and then unification of the One Heart, One Mind and One Body. The Maya were also working with his understanding, as were many other peoples. To believe in a solely subjective reality leads to various illusions and seperation (illusion) and is not useful in the ascension path.

      I do not question your integrity or honesty and I do wish you a joyful and enlightened path.

      I really feel that I must point out that you have alot to learn about Reiki, and I will be happy to help in any way that I can.

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        Mon, November 6, 2006 - 1:13 PM
        I must also add that cancer is mainly a disease of the western society. It is hardly known in many countries around the world. I mentioned the nutritional aspect because of years of personal study and because it is well known that the correct nutrition ensures that medicines and healing can work better.
        I KNOW that foods such as cassava, apricot kernels, tapioca, are eaten by peoples who never get cancer and it IS directly because they receive enough B17 to prevent cancer from happening. Therefore, cancer is not Karma or some other person's fatalistic interpretation of reality, it IS primarily caused by poor nutrition and lack of knowledge.
        There are very wise people who will confirm what I am saying and alot more!

        May everyone become better healers and help make this a more united and happy world.

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        Mon, November 6, 2006 - 4:41 PM
        Cancer is no different than any other illness. It is more prevalent in the western world for a lot of reasons includeing nutrition but mostly because of the kinds of treatments we have for other diseases. I did not dispute what Usui said about "seek a cure until the point of death". I agree and understand that. I am pointing out that Usui did not teach that the person giving the reiki heals the person receiving it, regardless of the reason for the giving. I have had training and attunements from both american and japanese trained reiki teachers. There was a lot of lies taught by Takata's students (not herself, but her students who decided to make lots of money from it and integrate it into their religion). How could anyone beleive the stupid story that Usui was a christian bible student. But in the big picture, that doesn't matter. The fact that westerners with christian indoctrination were able to embrace the idea of reiki (even if misunderstood or mistaught) is a big thing. It opens the door for them to ask questions about the real roots of reiki and other things, maybe even the real roots of their religion.
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          Mon, November 6, 2006 - 6:58 PM
          Um. There are certain aspects of the myth that are plausible.
          There's a long history of Christianity in Japan.
          That said, its still suspicious.
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          Tue, November 7, 2006 - 3:15 AM
          I guess it's all in how we word things.
          I agree that giving healing is a healing experience.

          The story of Usui as a Christian may have been useful, but according to the letters received about him from various sources, he was not at the University of Chicago ever, and was not ever President of Doshisha University and is not on the list of graduate students or any other list there. This means that he was not a Christian minister, teacher, or anything else. All the information I have, via his students, is that he was a Buddhist and had connections to Shinto. This also means that the repeating of the lie without consulting Japan was part of an attempt to make alot of money and control Reiki. I believe it is responsible for a fragmentation which is slowly being healed.
          I really consider that honesty was a better way, and that the martial arts, yoga, and spritual healing all became popular because of a real need and a collective remembering of our human nature, and were all potentially a way in which Reiki could and did come to the west. The fact that Takata did not teach until the 70s, while many martial arts and yoga systems were gaining broad popularity before then, shows that everything comes in its time.

          As for cancer, yes it is a disease like many others and with similar causes (for example, Alzheimers is also linked with nutrition and toxicity and is quite distinct from Dementia which is a degenerative condition of aging). Cancer is unusual in that it is cells which are regressing into a simple form and then growing rapidly. The ways to stop this are not with surgery, chemicals or radiation, but with nutrients which stop the cellular regression and empower the cells to health again. Each cell is composed of elements which need each other and the modern diets are lacking those vital nutrients because agriculture has depleted the soils over hundreds of years and because of food processing.
          My involvement with cancer prevention has shown me that the single greatest cause is lack of correct nutrition. After that comes toxicity, radiation, and then trauma and infection. There are various cancer prevention groups who have proven this time and time again.
          The drugs being developed are helping breast cancer only. The rate of survival of cancers is almost unchanged (except in the case of breast cancer which is better due to surgery techniques). The primary causes of breast cancer include the use of aluminium in deodorants, other toxins in personal products and low levels of anti-oxidants and B17.
          Ovarian cancer has been linked to Talc in clinical trials.
          Brain tumours are very connected to Aspartame and radiation in various clinical trials.
          Colonic and intestinal cancers are very linked to chemicals in foods.

          It is an absolute fact that cultures who do not get cancer are all eating high levels of foods with B17, and that when those cultures start consuming western fast foods the cancers appear. While it is excellent that we have Reishi and B17, parasite cleanses, herbs, and of course energetic healing, to help cure cancers when they appear, the real focus will be much better on nutritional information and prevention.

          The precooked, processed, refined foods are virtually 'sucking' the nutrients and positive energy from people, probably rather like osmosis. The use of refined sugars, salts and processed dead oils are truly deadly, as are artificial additives. Most chemical sugar substitutes are proven carcinogens, while the natural alternatives are being suppressed for profits. Politicians and corporations are definitely conspiring to make huge profits until they are caught. The example of mercury used in vaccinations and amalgam, for profit, and now being removed because of legal liability, is just one of many that show that industrial corporations are knowingly poisoning humanity until they are under sufficient pressure to change.
          Ajinomoto in Japan were told repeatedly (by people in Macrobiotics) that MSG affects the 'Window to Heaven' area in the neck which is a vital link between our bodies and higher consciousness. This connection is essential to humans and when cut it makes people act as if without 'spirit'. MSG is a huge multinational business and is being added to foods mostly affecting children. The affect of such 'excito-toxins' can be permanent damage after a few years of consumption.
          Coffee is not generally drunk in China because it is understood that it releases uncontrolled amounts of Chi and will drain a person's body of their personal life force until they become ill and die. While freeing up life force is occasionally desireable for certain tasks, it is certainly not good as a regular activity. There are so many better stimulants than coffee, and ones which help and support the body (like coca, guarana, cola...) without negative side effects. For many years I have watched person after person, who drink coffee, becoming older, and greyer, weaker and sicker, and have noted non-coffee drinkers enjoying better health and longevity. This major commodity is being dumped on an ignorant population for massive profits, yet is seriously harmful!

          One man I know who has worked with the Hopis and in nutrition says that food holds the keys to consciousness itself. Even being mindful during eating (in silence and without negativity) can make a big difference, but if the food is processed and dead it cannot be 'revived'.
          Even Mantak Chia commented in a class that he has treated many monks in Thailand, and mostly for circulatory conditions caused by lack of physical activity and a diet of mostly white rice. Their spiritual activity does not necessarily protect their physical body at all, because, as we know in Reiki, universal life energy is not only for religious people and can be channelled by athiests!

          I do consider that emotional and mental factors are keys to healing the body and are vital aspects of a cancer programme. Most cancer sufferers have great fear about the present and future, and need to release traumas of their past. This way of unblocking energy will allow healing processes to work better.
          As healers we are not permitted to mention cancer, or various other diseases, and face prosecution if we do. The people who do find various cures for cancer are mostly hounded into obscurity, which has shown many of us the real agendaa behind the control of cancer therapy - massive profit!
          If someone lives for 5 years after treatment they are officially a 'survivor',and yet if they die the next day they are still statistically a 'survivor'. What kind of nonsense is that?
          There are hundreds of cases of long term survivors after B17 treatment, and plenty of testimonials to 'prove' it.
          If it is truly the intention of cancer research to heal people and save lives then they would be looking at every available method of cure that has ever had a positive result. To stick doggedly to chemicals, surgery and radiotherapy is a good indication of profit-before-health motive!

          Anyway, I just want to help people heal better and raise awareness of what I have found to be often guarded information. I also want to help others not to have the illusions that I had when trying to help my father and other sick family members. I am very interested in Reiki healers being able to heal more. Whatever someone may feel about me doing this, I am only trying to help.

          It is true that there are hospitals in China which use Chi as the primary healing force, but of course Chinese medicine is based on such things as pulse diagnosis, herbs, teas, diet, and more, so it can be called a truly holistic approach.

          I will continue to input about these issues as and when I can.

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            Tue, November 7, 2006 - 7:32 AM
            Thank you Psi for putting out some really great information about nutrition and its role in staying well and healing. I have been delving into this knowledge for some years and have only last week made the great jump into being a raw foodist...this was a long process toward getting here and now I feel like I'm home...I feel incredibly energetic already (some detoxing which is great!), my mind clearer, my focus deeper. I am forty and feel that eating this way will be a major step toward wellness, lack of disease and sickness for the next hundred years or so of my life~hee hee..

            I am especially excited to see how this change in eating will affect my far I feel clearer, calmer and more inspired in my healing work. Also I feel more confident to work with those in my birth family who are skeptical or caught up in a cycle of illness. This is especially important as I would like to do some energetic work with these family members who are not experiencing the health I am enjoying, mostly I believe because of poor eating habits. My intention is to make myself a clearer and clearer channel and an example of how we can heal ourselves through good food and joy and of course, Reiki.

            Blessings to all, Kala
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            Tue, November 7, 2006 - 11:16 AM
            I forgot to mention about the statistic that women are more likely to get breast cancer if they don't have children.
            My comment on this is that perhaps it is a deep sense of need for the child bearing process that can create a kind of trauma when unfulfilled. However, there are women in countries where B17 is eaten who do not get cancer even when they do not have children, so the conclusion must be that the traumas that we humans experience weaken the whole system and allow any other negative forces (toxins, weaknesses and deficiencies) to take hold (like a catalyst/precursor).
            In the case of western women the influence of the many chemicals and pollutants and the lack of proper nutrition are therefore key factors which must be addressed with any energetic healing, and the Reiki or other healing will certainly work on the trauma at all levels.
            Mantak Chia recommends women to practice the taking back of the life force in the eggs that are created each month and use the microcosmic orbit to help regenerate the whole system, and also to generate Chi and rub their breasts, He has a host of exercises for drawing and storing Chi in the bones and whole body.
            I was taught that showing Reiki clients some basic Ki Gong moves would give them ways to continue the effects of healing at home, and would also make them more receptive before sessions.

            Another very profound cancer is of the prostate in men. This is surely linked with male sexuality and exhaustion of life force. I have met various men who have 'lost' themselves after such a condition. One man I met never recovered from prostate surgery and just curled up and slowly died over a few years. Others experience swelling of the prostate and become exhausted over years of sleepless nights, getting up to urinate multiple times. Again, Mantak Chia has shown men many ways to conserve life-force through his sharing of Taoist 'secrets', so I only wish that more men can get to grips with such 'vital' information. But there are other ways to protect the prostate including squatting and other exercises, but also herbs like saw palmetto and sufficient zinc (vital for us all).

            Many people in Reiki find that working around the abdomen and lower areas is so rewarding in terms of the release of deeply held guilt and trauma, yet it is an area which requires such sensitivity for the same reasons.
            I have seen some horrors released from some clients' abdomenal areas, in one case so awful that I almost threw up!

            I have worked with Kam Yuen when in Seattle, and his work has shown me how all of us can potentially absorb and take on other peoples symptoms as well as our own. His combining of energy work and muscle-testing is a wonderful compliment to other healing systems. I watched him shift other women's pregnancies and PMT from a friend who was suffering from severe cramps at the wrong time of the month!
            How much then, are humans actually suffering from conditions which are not really their own?

            I know someone who took her 7 year old son to Steven Turoff and after two 15 minute sessions a tumour the size of a golf ball was gone. The hospital that tested the boy could not believe it. This example of psychic surgery is one of many that I know of.
            Psychic surgery techniques are a vital part of an expanded Reiki training, in my opinion (and especially good for removing the cause of migraine). But I do believe that at the deepest levels one must be a very clear and connected channel for this most profound work, and I do not claim to be so clear (I've got alot of work to do!). I have had the privilege to teach some people who were so clear and shiny that I was amazed!

            I will be happy if I can help/inspire anyone in Reiki to follow the path to deeper levels.